We are here to move beyond the status quo & ensure the vibrancy of our nation through building intelligent community infrastructure.

Our nation’s communities are on divergent paths.

Some flourish with job creation, population growth, and increasing wealth per capita.

For others, opportunity is stunted and vitality is in danger; crumbling infrastructure, older and shrinking workforces, higher unemployment, and lower educational achievement have become the norm.

The cultural and economic power of the United States springs from its founding as a tapestry of diverse places and people.

But the current inertia reinforces dangerously divergent paths that threaten the financial, social, and cultural wellbeing of our communities, and the power of our nation as a whole.

Communities are asked to do more with less.

Communities are forced to choose between essential services.

Communities are suffering from the current inertia.

We will not accept the status quo.

There is another way.

With an ethic of partnership and social purpose, we work alongside communities to deploy critical modern infrastructure.

We use knowledge science to guide project origination and design, digital engagement tools to accelerate community demand, intelligent deployment technologies for future-ready results, and innovative capital structures to fund these solutions.

Intelligent and interconnected infrastructure is essential to restore the vibrancy of our communities.

And open access fiber networks will underline these new systems—powering ultra-fast access to information, re-skilling for workers, distributed healthcare services,  new wireless solutions, and resilient modern infrastructure including responsible energy creation.

We will move beyond this status quo to empower our communities with access to intelligent infrastructure

—for the greater good of our nation

Work with us

We work hand-in-hand with communities, powered by investors who want to transform the state of U.S. infrastructure, and in partnership with mission-aligned service providers.

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