We Deploy Intelligent Infrastructure to Build Open, Vibrant Communities

We are united by the conviction that the health of our nation depends on a foundation of open access fiber in every community

Passionate, multidisciplinary, and venture-backed

Our team marries network design and software solutions, proprietary knowledge science, scale structured finance, and government expertise to deliver intelligent community infrastructure—starting with the open access fiber networks that underlie everything else.

We benefit from prominent and engaged east and west coast venture backing, and a deep bench of industry-leading  partners—united by a shared belief in the power of this model to build and support vibrant communities.

Jason Thibodeau

Developer Ops

Christine Marlowe

Community Engagement

Jason White


Eva Arevuo

Comms & Marketing

Bob Thompson


Kyle Glaeser

Network Design

Will Glad

Data Science

Jeff DeFond

Software Engineering

Thomas Esposito

Software Engineering

Tiffany Kretler


Hari Rajagopalan

Network Design

Jaime Espinosa

Markets & Partnerships

Roy Coleman

Security Ops

Dave Debus

Product & Design

Josemar Luedke

Software Engineering

Reid Drapp

Network Design

Coty Beasley

Product & Design

Rahul Aggarwal

Capital Markets

Mark Kropilak


Nashwa Khalid

Data Science

Lance Addison


Gideon Akowuah

Network Design
Our team is distributed across the U.S., with some groupings in popular metro areas. Join us.

Committed to a better approach

  • We work hand-in-hand with communities
  • We employ modern data science to guide project origination and design
  • We assemble future-ready technologies to optimize infrastructure
  • We leverage  innovative capital structures to fund these solutions

Driven by core values

  • We offer bold solutions to drive positive, sustainable change 
  • We approach our work with humility, integrity, and intellectual rigor
  • We optimize our efforts to create positive sum for community and capital
  • We are agile and relentless in pursuit of our mission 
  • We have a mentality of service: to our mission, and to each other
  • We are dedicated to building and sustaining a culture of flourishing

Join us

Use your skills to support the vitality and resilience of communities.

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