Connect to Your Future with Intelligent Community Infrastructure

A full service solution to deliver open access fiber-optic networks

We design, finance, construct, and operate open access community networks

Open access fiber networks power ultra-fast access to information, job formation and re-skilling for workers, distributed healthcare, new wireless solutions, and responsible energy creation.

Our approach accelerates the deployment of this critical infrastructure,  reduces the burden on local governments, and creates better outcomes for consumers and service providers.

We execute a new model for communities and service providers

In the open access model, neutral network infrastructure is open to multiple service providers. This model expands consumer choice, improves service, and empowers providers to enter new markets without large capital expenditures.

It’s also the only approach where communities can deploy new wireless solutions, build “smart city” infrastructure, and provide distributed healthcare without costly and unnecessary infrastructure overbuild.

Consumer Choice

Determine the content and services you want, from a choice of providers and a range of options—from entertainment to telehealth

Better Service

Fiber powers fast, reliable connections, and providers compete on price and service to serve you

New Markets for Providers

Gain new subscribers and grow your business without building infrastructure

Community Innovation

Build next-gen infrastructure, energy, healthcare, and public services with open access fiber as the foundation

Work with us

We work hand-in-hand with communities, powered by investors who want to transform the state of U.S. infrastructure, and in partnership with mission-aligned service providers.

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