Coty Beasley

Product & Design
Head of Product & Design
at Underline
Company Profile

Product & Design. Formerly led Product at Neighborly. Early-stage technologist passionate about human-computer interaction, connectivity, and indoor farming.

Detailed bio:

Coty Beasley is the Head of Product and Design at Underline. His background combines Product Design, Product Management, and Computer Science to hone software experiences to be usable, intuitive, and communicative.

A specialist in early-stage technology ventures, Coty has founded multiple startups and worked with all sizes of companies in a variety of domains. These experiences have exposed him to complex work in artificial intelligence, healthcare outcomes, medical devices, telecommunications, civic tech, fintech, robotics, and physiology.

This broad exposure and generalism lend a formidable knowledge base of subject matter and user behavior that can be applied across multiple domains. As a member of Underline, he provides the product vision and strategy, working alongside engineering and business to create novel software solutions that bring their software-driven network to life. In addition, he is deeply involved in the company's brand development, establishing visual and educational narratives that resonate with communities.