Christine Marlowe

Community Engagement
Community Engagement Manager
at Underline
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Community Engagement. Previously developed and implemented dynamic community engagement programs and public outreach strategies for federal, state and local governments. Passionate about running, soccer, and cooking.

Detailed bio:

Christine Marlowe is the Community Engagement Manager at Underline. Passionate about connecting with the very people who live, work and socialize in specific communities, who make each so unique, Christine has had the pleasure of working closely with numerous constituencies while representing all levels of government– at the federal, state and local levels. Previously, Christine worked for the Democratic Leader, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, as well as represented numerous NYC and NYS agencies for various infrastructure projects. She has experience developing and implementing brand messaging and strategic communication plans, in addition to dynamic public outreach strategies and community engagement events. Christine attended The University at Albany and earned her Master of Arts degree in Organizational Communication.

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